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Welcome to Families of Victory Page 

We believe every Family is "Graced to be Victorious"

Families Of Victory is an Educational Organization that assist the needs of Families in the community. 


Minister Shannon Amos is the Director of Family Services

Families of Victory commission comes from I Corinthians 15:57 " thanks be unto God who gives us the VICTORY through and by Christ Jesus our Lord.


Our Vision

To Empower and Mentor Families who have been displaced as a result of traumatic events that occurred in the family unit. 

Our Goal 

To equip Families to live and maintain a successful life of accountability and stability by discovering their unique purpose and talents.  Therefore;  they can live a victorious life of Faith, Wholeness,  and Strength regardless of what challenges in life they have gone through. 


Our Mission

​To assist  Families through the process of healing from  failure to walking in  emotional, mental and spiritual VICTORY!  Ultimately, grooming future leaders to take the baton and run the same race, sharing the same grace to empower other Families to experience the same VICTORY!


How we serve along side of our Collaborative Covenant Partners  :

One Global Voice In Christ 24 hour prayer-line 

Men of Honor & Women of Glory Sessions

Children Of Promise (COPS) Sessions

Interracial Relationship Sessions 

Salt Shakers Bible Experience (Weekly) Sessions 

Health & Nutrition Sessions

Anger Management Sessions

Church Referral /Spiritual Guidance

Certified Christian Counseling Sessions 

Marriage Counseling /Wedding Ceremonies

Home-going Celebrations(Funerals)/ Grief Counseling 

Operation Adopt A Prisoner

Operation Lend a hand to the Homeless

Guide to Home Ownership Sessions 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Programs

Christian Leadership & Discipleship Training Sessions 


Supporters Of


#IMME Anti-Bullying Campaign

Angie Domestic Violence Awareness Initiative 


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***Families of Victory are Mandate Reporters.***


Contact us today: 

FOV:  678-770-1952       Director: 478-951-4655

 FOV :

Call in for Prayer: 

One Global Voice In Christ Ministries  

24 hour watchmen  prayer-line 




How you can support the VISION 

We are always delighted to collaborate with communities, partners, families and friends. Together we can help more Families overcome adversity and experience VICTORY in every area of their lives.


You can support Families by volunteering, partnering, grants, and personal donations.


Thank you for teaming up with Families of Victory to empower change in Families around the Globe.

$FamiliesOfVictory7  or Paypal:

Mail in donations: 

7040 N Peake Rd 26184 Macon, Ga 31221

We appreciate your financial seeds of Love!


"Blessed to be a Blessings"

Men of Honor 

Women of Glory

Children of Promise 

Anti-Bullying Campaigns 

Shhhh & Listen   #IMME 

Adopt a Prisoner Outreach

Operation Victory through Education

Thanks be unto God who gives us the VICTORY through Jesus Christ.

Click on Link below to view Minister Shannon sharing overcoming experiences  on Atlanta LIVE 

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